Erasmus Remedy - Life and society: I and the others

This questionnaire has got the goal to take over useful elements on a research about how boys and girls of your age live relations with the others inside the society, particularly on how they feel the presence and the conditions of people coming from other nations (immigrants, migrants, asylum seekers) and to collect viewpoints and opinions about political perceptions and challenges tied up to the social and space inclusion of migrants in the European cities.
As to stimulate and think about it, we decided to show you the movie ‘Life is beautiful’ by Roberto Benigni (1997), so as you can identify yourself, but in a joyful way, in the conditions children live in war conflicts and how we can alleviate the suffering.
The questionnaire is divided in two parts. In the first part you are asking some questions on the movie you have seen. In the second part you are asked to face the fear about immigration and the ‘different’ that feeds also a diffused euroscepticism, but, above all, it wants to find what is your and your school fellows’perception about the refugees and migrants’ problem and what we can do to improve their situation.
The questionnaire is anonymous: you won’t have to personalize it writing your name, nor something that could identify you (a symbol, an acronym, etc..). For us it is important you fill in by yourself, without asking any help to your school fellows or your parents. When you fill in, it will be mixed up to the other questionnaires; so, answer quietly and fearless. There are no right or wromg answers: we only take care of your opinion and experience, so answer spontaneously and without worrying. Thank you for your collaboration!
The questionnaire filling in is taking about 10 minutes.


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